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Community Policing - The Internet vs Everyone.

The Parler fallout has gotten progressively worse, with it's imminent destruction feeling as if a past tense, already. In less than a week, the internet, and seemingly, society, doubled down on cancelling Parler from the conversation. And for many a conservative voice this HAD to be the last straw. And to the regular viewer, it was a clear message - don't condone violence, put forth baseless misinformation, or promote racial supremacy - or we will silence you.

And, in effect, that is what's happening to Parler. Not only are they being silenced, they're being sent back to 30 yrs ago, when mass instant information was a pipe dream. Their lawyers even parted with them! 😢

"Parler chief executive John Matze told Fox News that “every vendor from text message services to email providers to our lawyers all ditched us too” following Apple and Google removing the app from its stores. "

But, you see, they'll come back. They'll regroup and re-form. And this is precisely why the counter message to the Storming of the Capitol has turned out to be just as strong and swift.

The magic of instant information will not be weaponized, and so has spoken the owners to the gates of the digital world.

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