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Consumer Facing Instant of Audio Ad Target (1)

Link at bottom.

I'll start off by saying that I'm mostly writing this as a nod to how this modern age can potentially have a positive affect on someone. Namely, me.

The imagery, tag line, post copy, Subject, of the message - obviously a sponsored one-effectively struck a nerve in me. I say "bravo" to the lords of modern capitalism.

I'm an artist. I'm not a social scholar or something like a trade insider, I do, however, live and conscientiously experience the world and am always looking for insight. I read articles and do market research as part of my daily occupation in business development. There's definitely alot to read about AI, Machine Learning, IoT, and Voice Recognition.

So when I experience first hand the effectiveness of a technology that we all know has promulgated into the wholeness of our lives, or what seems to be a wholeness, I feel an other state of awareness. It is a state where you at once know and feel something, a power, one that you can unwittingly fall beholden to. And it's marvelous feeling!

I'm saying that I am living, firsthand, that moment where a #targetedAd seemed to have had a positive effect on the end consumer. Namely, me. The Google The Facebook The Samsung, (not) The Apple all allocate large sums of money to help facilitate potential #adbuys. I'd say most of us know this.

So in this stream of thought post to address one of my many self perceived burdens, which is the inability to follow through, I am indeed, following through. I say "bravo" to the lords of modern capitalism! #adtargeting #phonesarelistening #privacy #somodot #elmiracreativecorridor


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