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SATIATING THE MONKEY WITHIN - Get yourself some Indian Simmer Sauces.

I think myself and many other millennials can agree that over the years we have been bombarded by a slew of conflicting thoughts on a broad range of subjects - save money vs yolo, convenience vs sustainability, climate change vs natural selection - all of which is presented to us as zero-sum, with those who seek compromise risking a fall into the ninny category.

Well, consider me a ninny. When it comes to the idea of eating healthy, many are quick to assume that it also means sacrificing flavor. No one wants cardboard flavored granola 'meat' patties in their burgers(though, Beyond Meat has done something extraordinary with Burger King's Impossible Whopper), right? I mean, by the standard Merriam-Webster Dictionary entry for 'healthy', a condition whereby a food "must not have salt, fat, sugar, or flavor" has to be met before it can be "properly introduced into an organism to achieve results that maximize its' homeostatic response." This automatically puts us into searching for a crisis response, to which 9 times out of 10 we will choose flavor over health, because yolo.

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