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So I got my first flower delivery in Elmira, NY.

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

It was a normal Thursday night. I had injured my back a little so I thought of the great social media push by "Good Habits" shop, located in do

wntown Elmira. I pulled up facebook and did a search. One of their team's regular post popped up and it had a phone number. I called it and someone took my order. Actually, we bantered and they led me to what I wanted. They took my card info over phone, ran the card, but had trouble with their pos system. They said place the order on their website, .

This successfully took my payment and I received a call from someone that confirmed my delivery was on the way. I was still incredulous. It wasn't long until I heard a knock on my door and the delivery was made. WOW!

I dont want to get political, but I feel that Andrew Cuomo was instrumental in getting weed legislation through at the state level. And true to the NY initiative of being a steward of social equity, the adult use cannabis laws in NYS are the preeminent pieces of legislation that seek to address social inequities, ones that were overlooked or abandoned in other states. The fact that weed legislation did not cover social inequitties from the get go shouuld tell you that prior states were following a cash grab, and new york state is not. The social equity goal is fundamental to new york state's weed policy.

"Good Habits" Shop is in downtown, Elmira, NY. Give their website a visit, place an order!

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