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The Only Real Way to Make a Decision (time permitting)

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Three weeks or so ago, the possibility of joining the United States military presented

itself once again to me. The first and second time were well into the fabric of early 00 military conflict, so naturally, my fickle heart was talked away from it at the time. Three weeks ago I met a great guy at my brother's wedding (god bless Alex and Ann!) who said he had just joined the NAVY several months ago, and he was 36. Aghast I wondered what the age cutoff was, and how desperate the US NAVY had become.

So when I learned that I could still join the US military via the NAVY, with the cutoff at 39, well, I had to pause and respect a reassessment of life. I had always been one to entertain joining the military, believe it or not.

She said, "if you fuc this up right now, you're giving up your moment." "Who wouldn't want to champion their friends?!", she said.

I gave myself about one week to decide. In the meantime, I knew to allow myself grace in the bipolar spectrum analysis of inhabiting 2 possible worlds. But by Tuesday, despite the rigamorala of constant flip flopping, i promised myself that I would have committed to an answer.

This is the only real way to make a decision. To live multiple worlds, then to commit to one.

One hundred!


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