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Why HipHop Makes Me Cry

It democratized creativity, self-worth, and ease of access to millions of disenfranchised youth through the medium of music. What is one of hte only ways to combat self loathing, institutional oppression, and lack of acccess? Through the creative pursuits and arts. Hip hop was a way for aspiring disenfranchised youth to have an outlet through the saliency of music, driven by the power of having a well communicated english voice. Since english was the dominant tongue, so was the American pursuit of unwittingly improving what once dominated over you. And it is laissez-faire in truest form to rise above the initial system that spawned you. Such is HipHop. The slave, the African import, was forcibly assimilated and eventually learned the oppressors tongue, and fast forward to 1970s urban America we have the once slaves reiterating a foreign sound into their own and creating a resonant frequency that has vibed with the rest of the world.

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