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Art's New Ism - Metaism - Art inspired by a screen.

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Does Contemporary High Art Have A Branding Problem?

NOTES: - why is this a movement? - it is the first time in history that the artist has become democratized due to a prevalence of imagery translated to people and artist via an interactive network behind a screen. It is exactly because of this, this seemingly complicated categorization, that the art historical movement move back to the time where the movement was weighted more toward the artists subject, and assumed realism, as opposed to what art movements have been concerned with in the last 100 years, which was a meandering to deconstruction, abstraction, and visual stimulus.

How is this a movement? Because, just like everything else, it is impacted by the democratization of information behind a screen. Not just democratization of information, bc the printing press and schools did that too, but info behind a screen. What makes this phenomena even more pronounced in the art world, is because, the screen brings to text what seeing brings to believing. This movement doesn't preclude or exclude any other movement, and by past definition of movements, encompasses a large enough swath of artists to be self evident.

If considering the past 100 years of art history, much of it has been

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