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Mural Services

The following is a generalized break down in pricing and services.  It is an attempt to help simplify the decision making process.  A few things to note:  1) Supplies are NOT included but range from $100 - $400 2) The variation in the Artist Fee can be attributed to complexity of design 3) All workers will be insured by Somostrada Arts for the duration of the assignment.  

Charge by the “Artist Fee”, which can be itemized as a unit unto itself.  

  • Artist Fee can include:  design fee, design consult(s), equity fee


Charge by type:  Based on duration of onsite work: 1, 3, and 3+ Days.  Also based on offsite work and number of design consults.  These prices are reserved for entities without boards and without majority stake.  If you do not satisfy both of these requirements, please inquire with us directly, via email.  


Murals that have an Artist Fee of 3+ Days offer an option of additional Design Consults. Typically a 1 Day AF includes 1 Design Consult.  A 3 Day AF includes 2 Design Consults.  Lastly, a 3+ Day AF includes 2 Design Consults WITH the option to add 2 additional consults for the price of $250 each consult.  The main benefit of having additional consults is realized through the seamlessness of the feedback/iteration process. It is recommended that, for Larger Areas, one utilize the opportunity for iterative process and ensure the final piece is to your exact specifications.  When shopping around, expect to see rates between $15/sqft - $30/sqft.  


1 DAY, 3 DAY, 3+ DAY

1 Day = simple line and fills

3 Day = simple line, fills, simple 3D rendering/perspective

3+ Days = client specific design; cost positive design complexity - portraits, sceneries, reference specific imagery; Option to add additional design consults.  


10’ x 10’

1 Day = $200 - $400

3 Day = $400 - $800

3+ Days = client specific


10’ x 20’

1 Day = $300 - $500

3 Day = $500 - $1000

3+ Days = client specific


Larger Area

3+ Days = client specific

Within Three Weeks = +$5,000 - $10,000

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